Thursday, September 29, 2011

SnapInstall: Mouse Triggered Screenshot Tool To Create Product Manuals

Dear readers, here is a new tool named SnapInstall.

This is used for taking screen shots. We usually use the print screen button on the keyboard or use some combinations of ctrl , alt etc,. But this is controllable even with the mouse. You can use middle mpuse button or scroll bar to take screen shots. The tool automatically saves the images and adds them all to a single PDF file to create a manual or installation instruction. For those needing to outline an installation procedure, taking periodic screenshots fast is more important. Run the tool, start off by entering a name for your procedural document, the name of the author and a logo if you like. One more convenient option is you do not have to tweak any key/ mouse button settings, the tool will take a full screenshot of whatever area you click on your screen and save it automatically when you click the middle mouse button.

After taking screen shots, right-click the icon in the system tray and select Create PDF And Exit.This will add all screenshots to a single PDF file. The PDF file captions each screenshot with its name and which application it is running in, and where you clicked to take the screenshot. This makes it easier for anyone reading the file to understand the process you’re explaining.

The screenshots are taken unobtrusively, only a notification in the taskbar appears and you can immediately move on to the next shot without having to stop and save the previous one first.

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