Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make your CD/DVD copy restricted

We need four softwares to this work perfectly.
1. Nero (
2. Clone CD (
3. CD Secure (
4. WTM CD Protect (

Install all the above four firstly.

1. Grouping data that will burn in a CD in a single folder for easy.

2. Then copy 2-3 error image file that is owned by WTM CD Protect. The file is located in the folder Image-imp who are on the folder where you install this software, usually at C:\Program Files\WTM CD Protect\Imp-Image\Image-Imp.

3. Select multiple files *. imp, for recommendations image5.imp file copy, and image7.imp image6.imp. It’s Image is higher the number, the higher the level of encryption, but the greater the required capacity.

4. After that, paste the file in the folder that contains the data that you want to burn earlier.

5. Then prepare 1 piece of blank CD, then insert the CD Writer, and open the CD Secure application and fill out the form that is convenient for you. The goal is to create an ISO file. After the ISO is successfully made, please open the ISO with the same software. Then choose the folder that contains the most important key file to be hidden so as not to be seen even in any way. After that save it back to ISO. And close this application.

6. Now open the application Nero to burn a CD ISO into vacancies earlier. Through Nero Burning Rom, select the menu Recorder-Burn Image. When finished burning, reinsert the CD, then open the application Clone CD.

7. The goal this time is to create the image file from the CD. Make the image of the CD with Clone CD.

8. Open the application WTM CD Protect, and go into the Options menu to select the level of encryption, select the appropriate image file that you copied earlier error. Suppose you'd just copy the file image5.imp then in the menu option you can only select a level 5.

9. Then save option, move to the Image File menu. Select the image file that was created from Clone CD before, and then click Protect menu.

10. After work, remove the existing CD contents earlier, replace the CD vacancies. Then move to the application Clone CD, select the menu Write Image To Disc. Select the image file that had been protected by the WTM.

11. Then burn the image with Clone CD.

12. If it is 100%, re-insert the second CD and try to existing data in it to copy to your hard disk or to copy CDs. You will know the results that the CD you can not be duplicated.

This method proved to be of any data protection: mp3, movies, data, images and so on in a CD or DVD.

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