Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BMW virus | High risk to BIOS

A BIOS based Virus discovered by a Chinese Security Firm. This is named as Mebromi. The virus that infected a chain BIOS (motherboard chip program), MBR (master boot drive) and Windows system files, reinstall the system, regardless of the victim computer, format the hard disk, or replace the hard disk can not completely remove the virus.

Phenomenon or symptoms of virus move :
1) Before the start screen of the computer , "Find it OK!" Words.
2) Anti-virus software prompting that  "Hard disk boot sector virus" is not completely clear.
3) The browser home page was altered to http://10554.new93.com/index.htm

How to fight against it?
The firm which discovered this also found a solution. Solution is named as "BMW virus Zhuanshagongju" . It can be downloaded from the following link.
This can detect the virus and prevent the virus code is written back to MBR, and then with 360 first aid kit to repair the system, can effectively prevent Such recurrent virus. Share this post and make your friends aware of this.

Note : This cannot effect Award BIOS.

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