Monday, September 12, 2011

How to control more than one system using single mouse | Microsoft's Mouse without Borders

Now we can control more than one computer with Windows operating system installed in them using a single mouse.

Mouse Without Borders is a project that allows you to reach across your PC's as if they were part of one single desktop.  We have two PCs on my desk at work connected to 3 LCD screens and using Mouse Without Borders we can move the mouse between the 3 screens, even though one of them is attached to a different PC from the other two. Also, we can move files between the 2 computers simply by dragging them from one desktop to another. In fact you can control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard with no extra hardware needed – it’s all software magic, developed by Truong Do who by day is a developed for Microsoft Dynamics. The software is easy to setup and in addition to enabling drag and drop of files, you can lock or log in to all PCs from one PC, and as a whimsical bonus is it allows you to customize your Windows logo screen with the daily image from Bing or a local collection of pictures. I've heard from one of my friends that using Ubuntu he connected more than one system and made each desktop as a work space. But here, completely controlling other system is the concept. Additional options include locking all PCs or logging in on all at once.

Mouse Without Boarders is a Microsoft Garage project, in which Microsoft employees come together after work to build and invent. The program can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Technet website.


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