Saturday, September 17, 2011

Protect your privacy with TunnelVision: automatically block out parts of your screen where your mouse cursor is not

TunnelVision is a computer screen privacy tool for Windows. It is simple, lightweight, and open source application which blocks out your whole computer screen except a select area where you mouse cursor is currently located.

With TunnelVision you have the option of configuring how large area is visible, what shape the area is, and the color of the area which is blacked out (you may even add an image)

One thing you should be warned about: when you first run TunnelVision it will only show you a small area where your mouse cursor is (like my first screenshot above) so you will have to manually find your way to your system tray and change TunnelVision settings via the system tray icon.
Admittingly using TunnelVision may get annoying seeing as you yourself cannot see much of your computer screen. However if you think you have the need for blocking out parts of your screen... what is better than an open source application to do it with? You can download TunnelVision from the following link:

  • configurable viewport shape, size
  • configurable color
  • configurable background image (with tiling, scale, centered modes)
  • tiny program, low memory footprint (when no background image is used)
  • supports Windows 95 and later (though tested more extensively on 2000+)
  • lovely GPL license! 

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