Thursday, January 26, 2012

Login to Google Account on Any Public Computer Without Password

Google moved a step forward in the field of security. We already know about the 2 step verification of our Google accounts login. Now in order to get rid of the keylogger problem, it introduced a new feature in fact. Its nothing but GOOGLE SESAME

The amazing thing here is you don't need to enter your password on a computer. If you need to access your google account on a public computer like an internet cafe or so, there is problem with keyloggers which are Fully UnDectactable (FUD).

Procedure : 

  1. Goto this URL on the computer
  2. QR Code (Quick Response Code) will be generated and displayed in the webpage
  3. We need to scan this QR Code using our mobile phone(Smartphones only). The smartphone can be  Android / iOS / Windows / Blackberry  or any other.
  4. This code is decoded into some URL on your mobile. You need to enter this URL on your mobile browser.
  5. It asks for your credentials like username and password.
  6. Type your login details.
  7. After that click on the button " Start with Gmail " or " Start with iGoogle ". 
  8. By doing the step - 7, you will be logged in automatically on your computer web browser.
  9. That's it !
The only appearing disadvantage is actual availability of a smart phone with every Google account user. 

Except this, Sesame is just amazing. But Let's wait and see until the highly self trained monkeys(Hackers) find some vulnerabilities. Till then, this is said to be most secure.

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