Saturday, September 17, 2011

Automatic logon to Windows 8

Fortunately, similar in the pre-release version of Windows to Windows 7, 8 but very terms of the orders. So also in the automatic registration of the user account. Unless you have only one user account to offer this automatic notification. At least I use it in Windows 7 since its inception.
Just press once " WIN + R "and it opens the" Run box "(sometimes I just use the German words). In this box you are wearing now the simple statement " netplwiz "one.
Then open the user settings. Here you take it - as well as in Windows 7 - "User must enter username and password" on the hook out.
Click on " Apply "button and enter in the new window then the password for your account.
With OK to confirm and will be automatically logged off immediately.
Of course this also goes by the call entsprechden Apps. Just open a search page in the metro and then there " netplwiz enter ". And it will be listed on the left the appropriate app.

via : Beatmasters
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