Monday, September 24, 2012

[How to] Replace " powered by drupal "

We have to admit that we all love Drupal and it is for us more than a web development tool or a CMS , it is more like a way of thinking and coding for the internet However It is really annoying to see the Powered by Drupal at the end of the footer region , after searching on google i did not find a quick solution to replace this text to be Powered by Nilewebsites which is my website so after some trials Jquery as usual solved it easily
The Solution : Replacing powered by drupal using jquery in 2 simple steps.
1. We find the span in which it contains the powered by using the ID of the footer :
jQuery("#footer").find("span a").text().replace("Powered by Drupal","Globalsoftbay");
2. We replace the URL also so it points to your website instead of pointing to :
jQuery("#footer").find("a").attr("href", "");
Make sure that the jquery executed successfully then it should be replaced.

  1. Just go to Structure -> blocks -> Add block.
  2. Give block title as you wish to display or " <none> " for leaving it blank.
  3. Fill block description like " Custom Footer " or any other if you want
  4. In Block body, add some code like " hai this is  footer ". 
  5. After doing this set your new block region as footer and give same row weight as that of default footer.
  6. Change default footer's region as none. 
  7. Click on Save blocks.

     Hope this will solve your problem.


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