Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Run Portable Google Chrome from a USB Flash Drive

Download the Portable Google Chrome installer from this link:
   The installer is a 7zip extractor. To get Portable Google Chrome set up on a flash drive, click the “…” button and choose the flash drive. Click Extract.The “…” button is a browse button. You would click on Computer and then the appropriate drive. When the extraction is complete, you may use the portable version of Chrome right away. Browse your flash drive and double-click its icon. You will notice that the language is set to German by default. If you speak and read German, that is fantastic. On the other hand, you may not. Click the wrench button in the upper right corner of the screen and select Options. In this demonstration, only a few of the words are in German and everything else is in English. Usually, it is all in German. Select “Under the Hood” and under the Web Content section, click the “Languages and spell-checker settings” box.
You will see the language list and it may already have English (United States) as the default, but some content is still going to come up in German, so click Add at the bottom left of the screen and select the appropriate language.
Click OK. Your browsing history is saved to the flash drive.

Note : The overall speed is generally slower than the PC non-portable version.

via : Ghacks
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