Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thumbnail Preview not working in windows 7


In my friends computer, when installed windows 7, the thumbnail preview is not being showed. We both searched for options. But no use. This feature looks great in windows 7. So we googled it. But found no satisfactory solution. Some sites and forums shows a solution if your computer is rated above 3.0 in system section of control panel. But our system is showing only 1.0. Atlast found the Nvidia display as the solution. Installed NVidia display drivers and the display is quiet cute now. Voila! Thumbnail preview also working. We checked the rating now.It is showing 2.9.This indicates the increase of rating. Speaking frakly it is still below 3.0. If you want to check your computer rating then goto controlpanel--> system-->Rate this computer.
The preview is shown below

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