Friday, November 26, 2010

Apply Restrictions And Prevent Users From Changing Files On Your Hard Drive - SteadyState 2.5

Whether you manage computers in a school computer lab or an Internet cafe, a library, or even in your home, Windows SteadyState helps make it easy for you to keep your computers running the way you want them to, no matter who uses them. How can we revert all the changes made by user after the user log off or system restart, this is quite a custom requirement when  you want to remove all the changes being made to your computer made by your cousin or any other user who had used your computer once in a while may just for playing games.SteadyState Helps Make it Easier to Manage Your Shared Computers Shared computers are commonly found in schools, Internet and gaming caf├ęs, libraries, and community centers. It is increasingly common for owners, teachers, or non-technical personnel to manage shared computers in addition to their many other responsibilities.

Managing shared computers can be difficult, technically challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. And what’s more, without system restrictions and protections, users can inadvertently change the desktop appearance, reconfigure system settings, and introduce unwanted software, viruses, and other harmful programs. Repairing damaged shared computers can require significant time and effort.

User privacy is also an issue for shared computer environments. Shared computers often use shared user accounts that make Internet history, saved documents, and cached Web pages available to subsequent users.

Windows SteadyState provides a more effective way to help defend shared computers from changes by untrusted users and unwanted software installations. It can also help safeguard system resources.
Removing all the changes made by the user will remove all the created files by that user and software being installed by the user, you can more over apply certain restrictions also on the users using your computer, all this can be achieved by a free utility by Microsoft called Steady State.
It is available for free download in the link below.It is also available at the website of Microsoft.

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