Thursday, November 25, 2010

Auto Shutdown after a given amount of time

Had you ever wondered that you can shut down your computer automatically? It is possible. You can set your own amount of time and let the pc shuts down. This tip is very useful to save energy and time. Follow the steps below to set a auto-shutdown process:
1.Click on Start-->run
2.type shutdown.exe -s -t xxx . Here the time is in seconds. you can set any value to it.
Check out the image below.

auto shutdown box

3.A small window opens, saying " your system will be shutting down after xxx time"
4.After finishing this time, all the applications will be closed and the system shuts down.
In the Figure Above, xxx is set to 300 seconds. that means the above command in the figure will auto-shutdown the computer after exactly 5 minutes.

You can also deactivate this auto-shutdown if you want to cancel it after activation
1.Click on start-->run
2.type "shutdown.exe -a" ( 'a' means ABORT)

3.Auto-shutdown is now cancelled
This tip is very useful if you want your computer to be shutdown after a given amount of time, or when you require it to be shutdown after a download is complete, or when you are are not present.

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