Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mobile Security Made Simple - LOOKOUT


With millions of smartphones shipping every month, the phone has surpassed the PC as the true personal computer. And just like your PC, your mobile phone faces the ever-growing threat of malware and spyware.
Recently,almost everyone has a mobile phone to communicate with friends andcolleagues. So, mobile phones have become an integral part of modernhuman life. The development of mobile phone technology took place inalmost every second.
Inthis regard, various attempts are being  by the crackers to break into the system and get secsitive data by using viruses and malwares etc,.

Lookout is the easiest way to protect your phone from viruses, hackers, loss and theft. It enhances security, data backup, theft security etc. Antivirus is also inbuilt. It is available for Android, Blackberry and
Windows Mobile phones. Enter your mobile number to
check compatibility and get started from here.

1. Free download (freeware)
2. Suitable for most types of mobile phone
3. Able to take over anti-virus system
4. Able to data backup
5. Storing data in any computer location as we want
6. Easy to run.
7. Restores handphone data lost.

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