Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adding a Port Or Program In Windows Xp SP2 Firewall Exceptions


If you are using Windows Xp SP2, and your firewall is Enabled, then sometimes you must have faced a problem of blocked sites, and firewall doesn’t allow you further to access it. Also some sites require some specific ports to be opened so as to transmit data. What in that case can you do. Well the simple thing is to add Ports. Let’s see how to make changes.
1. Go to Start –>> Run, type firewall.cpl.
2. Click on Exception Tab, and un check the service you are not able to use. After you save changes you will be able to use those Softwares
3. Sometimes you might not see a particular software in that list. In that case Click Add Program button.
4. List of all the Installed softwares is shown and you need to select your service to add it up and activate it.
5. In case of opening a port, Click Add Port and give any name and the port numbers you want to add.
That’s it, you are done with editing your firewall. In future if you face any problem with Windows firewall, remember its very easy to edit with. Even if you play with it, it can be repaired, but don’t play too much.

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