Sunday, November 21, 2010

Access Blocked Websites


In many corporate Environments, administrators often block some websites in order to let the users not open some. But we have a good tool to open those websites directly in front of those who had stopped you. The name of the tool is ULTRA VPN. UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It encrypts and anonymizes your network connection. UltraVPN is a simple user interface to connect or disconnect to VPN servers.After Installation you will have an icon in tray. Just connect from it to start using the tool. Any individual user who want to protect his/her privacy can use UltraVpn. The main purpose of reason of using this is to access the internet in resctricted areas too. To use this tool, just download the software client from the developers website or from the link given below. By using this, you can have the access to the sites like free e-mail service providers, social networking sites for hang out, various websites on hacking, Connect via skype etc,. The good part on UltraVpn is that you cannot use it for spam. If any one doubts the security of the tool can have a look at source code, modify if you want (i mean that you can build it yourself). Check the official website for more details.

Platform : Windows

Please let me know through a comment if the link is not working or else if you have any suggestions.

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