Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to transfer already installed software to a new PC ?

Whenever we format out PC, we need to install all the necessary utilities again. If we don't have a backup of that installer, we have to re download the file. In order to get rid of this difficulty, we have a great solution named as PickMeApp. With this, you can transfer your programs anywhere, anytime.

But, here is a dis advantage. This application is not currently designed to store personal data. It captures the programs you’ve installed and make the package in the default Download directory in your system. Although it doesn’t capture programs like Adobe flash or any default Apps that are associated with the system languages so its bit of annoying but not a big deal. You can get those manually.

How to use ?

Step 1 : Tick the programs you want to capture.
Step 2 : Making the Package. Now all you’ve to do is to copy down the package which is probably saved in your download directory.

Step 3: Deploy the Package to new Computer
Get that package into another PC and start PickMeApp. NO NEED TO INSTALL !
It will automatically read the installed programs and the captured programs from your Package. You can select which programs should be installed or in the middle you can choose the Install Package to install all the programs. Once again it doesn’t save your personal data related to the software. So you will have to get it manually.

Download it from developers' site.

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