Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to Locate Lost Android Phone, Tablet if Stolen even when no App Pre-installed

In my previous post , I've discussed about how to secure your devices from theft. But there you need to install applications to keep your device secure. What if you've already lost ?? Here is the answer.

Plan B means alternative or backup plan if planned thing doesn’t work. There are many applications for Android which can track down lost or stolen phone but they have to be pre-installed. Situation become worse in case you don’t have such security application already installed and here comes Plan B to rescue.

Plan B is an android application which can be installed remotely on your device in case it’s lost and track down it’s location. Installation can be done via Android Market Web Interface which is done silently on your device without needing any permission to execute.
Application activates immediately and starts GPS automatically to fetch current location. And then Sends out email to your account with Google Maps Image and co-ordinates.
First email confirmation about installation reads as “Lookout Plan B has started locating. You should have your location shortly”
Even if Android Tablet / Phone is constantly moving then then, Plan B supports that too by sending locations via email every 10 minutes.

Plan B is an innovative and unique solution when you have no other option after losing the phone.

 Note :  Requirement is availability of Data connection to process installation.

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