Saturday, October 22, 2011


Cameyo is a free virtualization software that is small enough to make a portable version of the application that previously had to go through the installation process. Cameyo with free software, we can make software to be portable. Making Cameyo portable applications with very easy, we just need to install software as usual and run a few steps with Cameyo. Here are more details steps:

1. Downlaod Cameyo(1.6 MB) and install on computer

2. When finished installing, run the program Cameyo, select Capture installation menu, then Cameyo will begin to monitor the computer system.

3. Once the monitor process is completed, it will come up window "Proceed with installation" which means Cameyo ready to monitor the software that We install.

4. Start the installation software that will be made into a Portable, including entering the serial number if the software is needed

5. After software installation is complete, click the Install button Cameyo done, then Cameyo will start storing the files of the installation.

6. Click OK then Creating a portable version in the beginning and after so, we get the exe file portable version that can be run directly without installation.

Cameyo also has editing features for portable applications. Because there are support files that we do not really need, so that it can be removed to reduce the size of portable applications. Keep in mind that not all software installation can be made into a portable version.

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