Sunday, October 2, 2011


Firstly, let me clear you one thing. This tool takes out the passwords of twitter accounts stored in cookies in the computer. So In order to get those, you need a physical access to the PC.

Twitter Password Decryptor is a freeware that works to restore email and password when you forget your email and password. This software is available two versions, the portable version and the version of the installer.

Actually, this software working on computers cookies primarily to look for a twitter account is stored in it. Once found, the software is immediately displayed.

This software can work on multiple platforms, from Windows XP to the latest operating system Windows 7. Follow the steps as below:

1. Download Twitter Password Decryptor.

2. Once downloaded extract the zip file.

3. Install on your computer.

4. Open Twitter Password Decryptor.

5. Click the Start Recovery will be out your email and password.

6. Click the Show Password to see the password.

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