Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[How to] Install PhpBB

My version of PhpBB is 3.0.12.

  1. Download the zip file from here.
  2. Decompress the phpBB3 archive to a local directory on your system.
  3. Upload all the files contained in this archive (retaining the directory structure) to a web accessible directory on your server or hosting account.
  4. Change the permissions on config.php to be writable by all (666 within your FTP Client)
  5. Change the permissions on the following directories to be writable by all (777 within your FTP Client): store/, cache/, files/ and images/avatars/upload/
  6. Point your web browser to the location where you uploaded the phpBB3 files with the addition of install/index.php or simply install/,
    Ex 1 : http://www.example.com/phpBB3/install/index.phpEx 2 : http://www.example.com/forum/install/
  7. Click the INSTALL tab, follow the steps and fill out all the requested information.
  8. It is a good practice to give a prefix for database tables when asked as you can maintain same database for multiple purposes/websites.
  9. Change the permissions on config.php to be writable only by yourself (644 within your FTP Client)
  10. phpBB3 should now be available.
  11. You should remove/rename the /install directory from your server folder as you will only be able to access the Administration Control Panel whilst it is present.

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