Saturday, October 26, 2013

Error while installing Drupal 7.23

I've encountered the following error while trying to install Drupal 7.23 on a shared linux web server.

" Fatal error: Call to undefined function field_attach_load() in / .. /includes/ on line 316 "

When you refresh this page, by default your URL home page loads and shows as " page not found at /your site url / "
According to this post, this is a bug in Drupal and considered to be major one. There is no fixed solution for this and different options works on different systems.

My case is that the database already contains some tables and I am trying to write onto the same tables again.

FIX 1:

  1. Drop previous tables from database
  2. Delete your settings.php file in /sites/default/
  3. Start installation by typing " yoursiteurl/install.php "
FIX 2 :

    1. Delete your settings.php file in /sites/default/
    2. Copy the default.settings.php as settings.php
    3. Start installation by typing yoursiteurl/settings.php
    4. When asked for database details, goto Advanced options --> table prefix.
    5. Give a prefix like " mysitename_ " without quotes.
    I applied second fix as I don't have access to cpanel of the web server.

    NOTE : If you are stuck anywhere, comment and I'll try to reply.

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