Saturday, October 26, 2013

[How to] Configure email in Drupal

Did you get " unable to send e-mail. contact the site administrator if the problem persists "  error after installing Drupal or whenever a user registers for an account ?

Then this the best place for you to get rid of it !
I use gmail here to send mails.
How to :

  1. You need to configure Email server on your hosting server or your PC.
  2. Enable IMAP on gmail first.
  3. Next, login as administrator in your drupal site.
  4. Goto modules
  5. Click on Install new module.
  6. Give URL of package available in this page and install it
  7. Go to modules and enable it
  8. Turn on the module at the Install options fieldset at the top.
  9. SMTP server settings:
  10. smtp server:
  11. smtp backup server: leave blank.
  12. smtp port: 465
  13. use encrypted protocol: select "use SSL"
  14. SMTP authentication:
    Enter a valid Gmail email address and password.
  15. Email options:
    Set the same email address that you used at SMTP Authentication. Using a different account is upto you. Not an issue
  16. Send test email: set an email to receive a sample email.
  17. Enable debugging: yes
  18. Click on submit and verify that the email was submitted and that you received it. 
  19. If not, read carefully the debug information at the top of the screen. 
  20. Once satisfied, remember to deactivate the debug checkbox

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