Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top 3 smart phones and why they make it into the top 3

Mobile broadband providers have seen a spike in Internet access since smart phones started taking the world by storm. There was tough competition amongst smart phone providers. But three main smart phones made it to the top of the list. These three are the top smart phones that have ever been created. If you get one of these, you'll see what it's like to own the gold, silver, and bronze medal-winning versions.

1. Apple iPhone 4S : 

The newest iteration of Apple's iPhone device is also the best. It's not just all new wine in an old bottle. There is a brand new 8MP camera and Siri voice control. It also comes bundled with IOS5, Apple's latest operating system for mobile devices. The same OS is seen on its tablet and iPod devices so there is no fragmentation in the operating system. What you see on one device is what you get on another device. Plus, with iCloud, all your applications and settings are automatically added between devices so that they're all synced no matter what you do on one device. The iPhone 4S has also not been trounced by the Android competition yet, it is still going strong and threatens to outperform Android year after year. It is still one of the fastest, boldest, and easiest smart phones on the market, plus, the new iPhone 4S has a faster processor, faster graphics card, and better camera optics. There's a lot to be said for crystallizing a winning formula, and the iPhone 4S does it. It's still the world's number 1 smart phone. It has four stars across the board for design, multimedia, call features & quality, battery life & memory, and additional features and is one of the top three smart phones because it was the first to do what it did.

2. Samsung Galaxy S :

This is one of the best smart phones on the market, competing with Apple's iPhone 4S in just about every category. It has a lot of bells and whistles and a bright, big display. There is 4G, video chat, and the newest version of the Android 2.2 operating system. The touch screen is so large that it makes it great for video chat and the AMOLED display is also great for watching videos. Plus, there is 390 minutes of talk time with a single charge. There is tons of memory available to store your photos, videos, and pictures too because each phone has 32GB.

3. HTC Sensation :

The HTC Sensation is making quite an impression. HTC has jumped from being a no-name manufacturer of other brands to making its marks as one of the finest smart phone manufacturers on the market. The deals available are great and it matches the cost of similar smart phones in that price range. It is somewhat thicker than other models, but it still feels comfortable in your hand, but it is HTC's leading device. The screen is also a lot bigger and is HD. The HTC Sensation is one of their best smart phones yet.


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