Monday, December 5, 2011

Post Text On Facebook In Blue Color And Link It To Any Page,Profile,Or Group

Now a days,people are linking some text directly to a profile page or a webpage etc etc,. I wondered how..? This is like href in html. At last i found it somewhere and posting here. :P

  1. Login to your Facebook Account and Navigate to where you wanna Post your comment. e.g Status Update box.
  2. Get The ID Of The Page,Profile Or Group. Here Is How:
    1.Visit The Page,Profile Or Group. We Are Using The Globalsoftbay profile: As An Example.

    2.Right Click On The Profile Pic And Click On "COPY IMAGE URL". Lets Suppose the URL You Got Is:

    3.The Number After The First Underscore Gives The ID. Here It Is Hoghlighted In Red

  3. Post it On Facebook As Follows:

    “ @@[0:[<ID Here>:0: <YOUR TEXT> ]] ” (use without “”)

    Replace <ID Here> And <YOUR TEXT>  With The ID you Got And The Text You Want To Write In Blue Respectively.

    Here is An Example:
    @@[0:[328810677145405:0: This Is An Example ]]
  4. Enjoy ! :D

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