Friday, December 9, 2011



If you have software installed Microsoft One Note is bundled with Microsoft Office 2007, then you can copy text in the image file. Because this software has the facility Copy Text From Picture after our right-clicking on the image. However, if you have no the software, you can copy and edit text from the image file via free online services OCRConvert.

OCRConvert can convert image files into text files quickly and accurately. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that can analyze an image and detect text that is in it so it can be copied and edited.

The steps are very easy, by clicking the Browse button and select the image file that you want to edit. When images or photos you've uploaded document, click the Process button.

If the conversion process fails, OCR Convert will display the message fails like this:

Sorry, your file could not be processed. This could be because:

1) Your file cannot be opened.
2) Your file is corrupted.
3) The load on the server is too much.
4) A problem with the converter ( which will be investigated by our staff ).

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