Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Join Facebook Fellowship Program

Applications to join Facebook Fellowship Program are open now and this year Ph.D. students studying at international universities can also apply in addition to applications from Ph.D. students studying in the United States.

Facebook accepts applications from students interested in several academic topics like Computer Vision, Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, Computer Security, Internet Economics, Machine Learning, Smart Datacenters, Social Computing etc.
The Fellowship Program is now open to all Ph.D students globally,  enrolled during the current academic year and studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, System Architecture, or a related area and must be nominated by a faculty member.
Each Facebook Fellowship includes several benefits like
  • Tuition and fees will be paid for the academic year.
  • $30,000K stipend (paid over 9 months).
  • $5000 per year for conference attendance / travel.
  • $2500 for personal computer.
  • Opportunity to apply for a paid summer internship.
Apply here.  Applications for Facebook fellowships will close on December 16, 2011. Any student, faculty member or university administrator can submit the application. Meet the 2011 Facebook fellowship winners. This is Facebook’s third annual Fellowship Program and they are doubling the number of awards this year.

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