Friday, November 11, 2011

Change Key functionality in windows | Remapping

We can actually change the keys functionality of each and every key in either Windows or Linux. This is called Remapping. In this post I will discuss about the Windows Remapping. 

There are 3 ways. 

1) The direct way of remapping keys in Windows is to use the Windows Registry.

CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout 

Disadvantage : User need scan codes to change a key’s functionality.

2) Alternate method is using remap software. 

Advantages : Visual representation of the keyboard, Scan codes not required.

3) Sharp Keys supports 104 keys that can be remapped on the computer keyboard. Sharp Key uses the native Windows functionality to remap the keys. This means that the software does not have to be running in the background after the changes have been made. Remapped keys on the keyboard can be deleted all the time which will write the original information to the Windows Registry again.

We have many utility tools for remapping. Some of them are MapKeyboard, KeyTweak etc,.


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