Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to hide or change your mac address in Ubuntu

I've been Googling and searching everywhere on the internet for the ways to hide my mac address. Finally I got many solutions. but here is the most optimum one.

First point to keep in mind is we cannot hide mac address if we want to be on a active network. The mac address can be changed / spoofed as per our wish.

1. Install "macchanger" using sudo apt-get install macchanger.
2. If you type macchanger --help , you will get all the possible options.
3. Type ifconfig and hit enter.
4. You will be provided with the sections like eth0, eth1, lo, wlan0, wlan1 etc., depending on your network connections. Check for HWaddr 1c:bb:3c:de:56:7f  similar to this.
5. This is your mac address. Now type sudo macchanger -A eth0 and hit enter.
 (In this I took etho as an example. If you are using eth1 or wlan0 replace it accordingly. -A refers to assign some mac address of any kind. I would recommend this option unless you want to spoof .)
6. Voila ! Your mac address is changed.

To know how to change / hide /spoof your ip address go here.
For any difficulties, let me know through your valuable comments.

Note : For educational purposes only. I am not responsible for the consequences.
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