Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Set / Apply Video Clips as Wallpaper in Windows 7 Desktop Background

DreamSceneSeven is a small application and allows you to change desktop wallpaper to video from context menu. It is extremely easy to use and once installed you can perform applying video clips as wallpapers in a single click.
After downloading the package you have to execute it and install DreamScene. Once this is done, you can select video clips and set it as desktop background wallpaper from the context menu.
videos can also be paused from the context menu. The present version of this application allows video with extension .mpg and .wmv to be applied as wallpapers. There are lots of video that can be applied from DreamScene gallery.
One thing that you have to take care of before using DreamScene is enable the “Show translucent selection rectangle” from the performance control tab. If it is disabled you will get an error message asking to enable it. In case you get this message in spite of the option being enabled, just disable it and re enable again.

DreamSceneSeven works perfectly but applying a video wallpaper increases load on system. So go for it only if you have a system with large mount of ram or a good graphics card. Trying it on lower end systems may hamper overall performance.
This was dedicated to Windows 7 but if you are still sticked to XP then try out DreamScene for Windows XP.

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