Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to get the use of your number pad back in Ubuntu

Number pad not working in Ubuntu? I feel your pain. After an upgrade to Hardy, my numberpad stopped working in Ubuntu Linux. I decided to look around in the Keyboard preferences and found my answer. I found that mousekeys was enabled. To get the use of my num pad back, all I had to do was disable mousekeys.
So, here’s the quick step by step to enable the number pad:
Step 1: Click on System Menu
Step 2: Mouse over on Preferences
Step 3: Click on Keyboard

This brings up the Keyboard preferences window.
Step 4: Click on the Mouse Keys tab
Step 5: Disable the “Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard” checkbox.
Step 6: Click close and ensure that your Num lock is on.
At this stage you should have full use of your number pad.
Update: There is a shortcut key to toggle Mousekeys also. You can do this by pressing the SHIFT and Num Lock keys together.

via : RDavid
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