Thursday, October 18, 2012

Earn money with social networking : Zurker

What Is Zurker And Do You Need To Know About It?

Since the name first started circulating around in February, there has been much speculation and interest in the new start-up and it has only continued to grow.
Becoming a member of Zurker automatically makes you an owner and investor in the site. By inviting friends to join the network you earn a vShare. Now, these don’t count as real shares until Zurker becomes a publicly traded company but it’s still a pretty good start.
Obviously, you’ll want to refer as many friends as you can so that you get more shares, which in turn allows the social network to expand. You can also purchase vShares so you can invest as little or much as you want.
Zurker Vs Facebook
As soon as any new social networking site is released, it will instantly be compared to the almighty Facebook.  With the announcement that Facebook is to become a publicly traded company, it has definitely got us all thinking about who is making all the money from this?
As Facebook has grown so have the investor’s bank balances. However, it really does go to show how much a small start-up can come in a few years and the amount of money that is continuing to be invested in the world of social media. What’s to say that the users can’t be the ones to profit from social networking? Now that the question has been thrown out there, it’s hard to avoid.

Can it work?
On paper this seems like the best idea. We’re all going to be multi-millionaires by 2016! Before we get too carried away we need to remember the facts. It doesn’t yet have a mobile app or a developer API. From using the site, I can see that it is still in its early stages.
While the interface is simple to use, it doesn’t have an overly attractive design. However, I think this can be improved as the site continues to grow. After all, does anyone remember the initial Facebook design?
Yes, the whole Facebook thing has already been done and many would argue that it would be difficult to see another social network have the same level of growth and success. But the beauty of social media is that anything is possible and you’re never 100% of sure how the general public will react.

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