Tuesday, February 1, 2011

File Joiner, Combine .001, .002, .00x Files

The main reason for splitting files is to prepare a file for distribution. File hosting sites often have file size limitations that force a user to split the file before it can be uploaded. This is usually done with the help of archiving software such as Winrar, Winzip or 7zip.

Internet users sometimes however may encounter split files with file extensions like .001, .002 and so on which many unpackers do not support.

File Joiner is a free portable application for Windows that can join these files back together.


  • auto sorting (numerical sorting (.001, .002) or full path sorting)
  • auto loading consecutive parts when you open or drag&drop file with extension .001
  • auto output file path generator (file "c:\test.avi.001" will generate output file path "c:\test.avi")
  • faster joining with option to append all files to first file
  • MD5 and CRC32 hash calculation for output file
  • full UNICODE support
  • loading files from folder and recursive loading from sub-folders
  • option to associate extension .001 in windows explorer, so you can load files by double clicking the file (not portable)
  • progress bar to monitor the join operation (also Windows 7 progress bar in taskbar)
  • File Joiner 64bit (x64) and 32bit (x86) versions available

Licence :
File Joiner is released as freeware, 100% free to use. You may copy and/or distribute File Joiner only in its original, unaltered form, with all files included unmodified.
File Joiner is intended as freeware, you are not allowed to charge any fee or other compensation for the software.

File Joiner can be downloaded at the developer website or from here.


OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Size: 41 KB   

64 bit
OS: Windows 7 64bit, Vista 64bit, XP 64bit
Size: 52 KB

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