Saturday, February 12, 2011

Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), New Era in Computing

APU is a combination of GPU and CPU. When data are processed in a computer, GPU and CPU both processes the data together. So, there is some lack of time by moving data from GPU to CPU and vice-versa. AMD is going to eliminate this time gap by combining CPU and GPU together in a single micro-processor or an APU.AMD is the only one competitor of Intel’s market.
AMD is going to launch their APU or Accelerated Processing Unit in this year. Not only AMD Intel is also working with this architecture and hopefully they will also release their new processing technology code named
“Sandy Bridge”.
APUs are “just” integrated graphics, even if AMD tries really hard to make them cool. They embed much fewer sub-processors than their “add-on” counterparts, and therefore the raw power is much less.
Source : go4expert

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