Sunday, October 10, 2010

Download Torrents via HTTP Direct Links without Seedbox


Torrents are the ultimate source to find and download almost anything from internet. Unfortunately, Torrents are not legal or Bittorent restrictions in some regions and even if it is allowed, number of seeds are too low resulting into waste of time downloading it. Solution is download Torrents via HTTP direct link which are Fast and legal.

We have already seen How to setup Seedbox on Web server but that’s a tedious job for someone not so friendly with PHP and Linux servers. Here is a smart and simple solution to do that using Torrific which also works on same concept as TorrentFlux. The Torrent file is queued up and downloaded to their server space and then you can download torrents via HTTP Direct link to your Computer.

Signup and Login to Torrific

Find the torrent you want to download from ThePirateBay Alternatives and enter the URL ending with (.torrent) in the box and hit Get.
It is now queued to their download list and will be downloaded to their servers and till the time you have to wait. In my case, it took some 20 minutes to complete. It depends upon the size of the torrent you are downloading; You can check to get notified when torrent download finishes via Email.

Go to your account and download the files via HTTP which are hosted on using any Internet Download Manager. Did I mention the service is free? yes, it is and you can go premium which gives your downloads priority.

Note that the files remain on their servers for 24 hours available for download.

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  1. Torrific is the best alternative way to download torrents. It's fast, easy and reliable.

  2. It wouldn't be a suprised if someday the idea's excel!

  3. Wow!! The best alternative way to download torrents.. Thanks!

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