Thursday, October 28, 2010

Create Proxy Email Addresses [Email Alias]


In tis post I would like to share a service of . Have a service that you want to signup to but prefer not to signup with your own email address? You could use a disposable email address for that purpose if the new account does not contain sensible information.

Another option is to use a proxy email address provided by services such as Tempalias. A proxy email address basically sits between a service or recipient and the real email address. The benefit of this is that the service or recipient do not receive information about the real email address of the user.

Tempalias makes it very easy to create a proxy email address. The user needs to enter the real email address the emails are forwarded to from the proxy email and specify the days or number of received messages the email should be valid for.

Tempalias will automatically generate a random – but never used before – email address for the user that can then be used until the time or mail count runs out.

It has to be noted that the email address will never be accessible again once it runs out. That’s different from most disposable email services where email addresses are always accessible by anyone.

The developers are currently working on a bookmarklet to make it even easier to use the proxy email address service.This is not hack.

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