Thursday, November 30, 2017

Django Learn Series | Creating a Django project

  1. source djangoTestEnv/bin/activate
  2. Create a folder like DjangoPractice on Desktop
  3. cd Desktop/DjangoPractice
  4. django-admin startproject firstdjango
    • Auto creates  a folder named firstdjango and required files in it
    • Subfolder named firstdjango inside firstdjango will have 
        • Configures Django
        • Routes requests based on URL
        • provides a hook for webservers
        • WSGI is the Web Server Gateway Interface. It is a specification that describes how a web server communicates with web applications, and how web applications can be chained together to process one request.
        • WSGI is a Python standard described in detail in PEP 3333.
    • main folder firstdjango will have
    • runs commands related to firstdjango
  5. cd firstdjango
  6. python
    • To check list of available command
  7. python runserver
    • To start the webserver

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