Monday, May 30, 2016

Solution: # Aidl not found, please install it | Ubuntu | Buildozer


# Check that aidl can be executed
# build-tools folder not found /home/raviteja/.buildozer/android/platform/android-sdk-24/build-tools
# Search for Aidl
# Aidl not found, please install it.


  1. Above error says build-tools folder is not found. I checked in my /home/raviteja/.buildozer/android/platform/android-sdk-24/ and build tools folder is not available really.
  2. Launched Android SDK Manager to install the build tools. To launch it we need to cd to /home/raviteja/.buildozer/android/platform/android-sdk-24/tools and execute ./android. Do not use sudo ./android as it gives you permissions issue later.
  3. Make sure you check the following check box in Tools --> Options of Android SDK Manager and close it.
  4. enter image description here
  5. Check the Build tools option and install it (you might need to accept the license)

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