Saturday, November 15, 2014

Drupal Commerce Installation

  1. WAMP server may not work well with Drupal Commerce causing Webpage not available kind of problems. 
  2. Better go to Acquia Dev Desktop from here and install. 
  3. After installing Acquia Desktop, it asks to choose one of the CMS's available in there. Choose Drupal Commerce
  4. Select latest PHP when asked.
  5. Launch the URL given by AD (Acquia Dev Desktop)
  6. Drupal Commerce Welcome screen appears in web browser
  7. Check I agree to the Privacy Policy and User Agreement radio button and proceed with Let's get started
  8. It verifies requirements, Sets up Database and installs Commerce KickStart 2
  9. Requirements problems:
    1. PHP memory limit 90M: Consider increasing your PHP memory limit to 128M to help prevent errors in the installation process. This problem can be solved by this link or raise a support ticket for the same if on web hosting.
  10. Installation takes a bit of time.

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