Friday, May 18, 2012

How to release a service running on some port and assign new task in Ubuntu?

I have been running some service on my port 8080 and then tried to install Apache Tomcat server on the same port. It doesn't show me any output related to new installation when checked in the URL http://localhost:8080/ . The service that is already running on my 8080 port is not at all necessary for me. So I decided to kill it. Below are the steps.

1) Check the Process ID (PID) of the unwanted service running on 8080 by issuing the following command.

sudo fuser -n tcp 8080

2) It replies the PID of the service if it is running currently.

For example : 8080/tcp: 3660 in my case
Kill it by issuing the following command.

sudo kill 3660

3) Now assign your new service i.e Apache Tomcat server restart in my case. Thats it! It works ! :)

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