Monday, January 16, 2012

Network location settings vanish after restart / reboot

This is all in windows 7 . I've been trying to connect two PCs with a network card in a LAN. I want to connect them offline i.e not through modem / router. So in order to make connection working, we should set the network location to Home.
  1. If you already know how to setup LAN, skip this step and goto step 2. Otherwise, continue reading. Open Network and Sharing Center --> Choose homegroup and sharing options. If you've already created a homegroup on some other system, it displays a " Join Now " button. Else, you'll have a button to " Create a new homegroup ". Before this, you need to select network location to " HOME " by clicking on " what is network location ? " hyperlink. Do the same to other system too. If already home group is created , Join it. After checking your connectivity, goto next step
  2. Sometimes, this network location changes to public after rebooting the system / PC . In order to retain those settings, following changes have to be applied.
    • Open run by pressing " windows button + R "
    • Type " services.msc " without quotes and hit enter
    • Check the services named " Peer Name Resolution Protocol " , " Peer Networking Grouping ", " Peer Networking Identity Manager " and " Homegroup Listener ", " Homegroup Provider "
    • All these five should be set to either Automatic or Manual.
    • Make sure that all the above five were started
Now reboot  your PCs and check that your changes retained.
If any problem encounters while setting up a LAN, please comment below

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