Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enable registry editor ( regedit ) when disabled by Administrator

Registry Editor system, can be disabled, blocked and locked by the administrator to prevent the RegEdit from being executed by users in order to protect important system registry settings. Other possibility of Registry Editor been disabled is caused by virus or worm such as W32/Brontok-C.

When Registry Editor is disabled, user is unable and cannot open or run Registry Editor anymore. Any attempt to run RegEdit.exe will return the error “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”. Hence it’s impossible to remove the restriction on Registry Editor usage by using the Registry Editor itself.

In many cases, disabling of Registry Editor is caused by virus, worm or Trojan, which attempts to stop user from fixing any changes to the registry, which normally affects changes to one or more of the shell\open\command keys.

We have many methods to enable regedit. But I'll give you my favorite one.
Just download the file from the link below. Right click on it and click on install. That's it !! You're done.

Note : Let me know through your comments if this method fails.

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