Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mozilla Releases Account Manager Alpha For Firefox


One of the annoyances that web users have to cope with on the Internet are different login systems to log in and out of accounts. That is, if they are not using a password manager like Last Pass that handles the login and logout for them. Currently webmasters and designers can create login forms that are fundamentally different from other login forms as there is no “login-standard” or login protocol that would standardize web logins.
Mozilla’s Account Manager tries to remedy that situation. The Account Manager project was made public a month ago but no program was provided back then to test the concept and functionality.
Yesterday a first prototype was released in form of an extension for the Firefox web browser.

The alpha version of Mozilla’s Account Manager supports several high profile web services and sites including Facebook, Google and Yahoo properties, Mozilla Add-ons, Mozilla Bugzilla and GetPersonas.com.
The goal of the project is to integrate the account manager into the Firefox web browser so that no add-on is required to use its functionality.
Firefox users who are interested in the project can visit the Mozilla Links blog post that contains additional information and a short video or the Account Manager page over at Mozilla which links to the Firefox add-on.

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