Saturday, March 27, 2010

Make XP or Vista Faster With A Simple Trick


Pagefile.sys is a windows system file which acts as a virtual memory extension of a computer’s real memory RAM. By default, pagefile.sys is set to the same size as your actual physical memory size and might consume a huge disk space of your computer hard drive space. When physical RAM is fully used and there is need for more memory, information/data not currently being accessed can be ’swapped’ to that location and thus free physical RAM for immediate use. That same data can be transferred back if need be, into physical RAM at any time.

There are some easy ways to just turn off Paging file generation, but for systems lesser than 512MB RAM, it would mean disaster. hence I do not recommend turning off the Paging file generation. As mentioned before, assuming you have enough hard disk space to spare, you can convert that space to speed and improve the performance of your Windows XP/Vista. You must have guessed it by now. the trick is to increase the size of pagefile.sys, thereby giving your PC morevirtual memory to use

1. Know the size of the RAM installed on your computer by right clicking on My Computer and choosing Properties.

2. Go to Control Panel and run System.
3. Click on Advanced tab and click the Settings button on Performance.
4. Click on Advanced tab again and click on the Change button
5. Select “Custom Size”. Give the Initial size and Maximum size as 1.5 times your RAM size.
6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
You are Done!


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