Monday, October 18, 2010

Delete, Move or Rename Files being used by Person or Application[UNLOCKER]


On Microsoft Windows system, it is more often that you come across an non-new error saying File is currently in use by another user or application while trying to have some operation on some files. This is also somewhat similar which can Delete, Move or Rename File in Use.I googled it many times and at last found this tool.

This may occur even the file is corrupted some times. Such files are generally auto executed or Virus like files which cannot be deleted by Anti virus program sometimes.This is not a hack. Yes, you are not actually running these files on your own will but it becomes difficult to perform any operation on files currently in use. So, Unlocker is a free small program which can take care of such files and processes.
Install it and you can see a option named UNLOCKER when you right click any file. So you just click it and that's it you can delete, move, rename as you wish.You can download it here.

Enjoy.........Have fun..!!

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